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favpic About Me  Hi there! I'm so happy that you're here and hope you'll take a minute to find out what this is all about. I started this blog because I'm sick and tired of everyone being sick and tired, myself included. It took me learning that I was battling a very rare autoimmune disease before I was willing to put my health as priority over my food preferences. The more I began to research, the less surprised I was to find myself in the shape that I was. It maddens me to see the corruption going on concerning our food, the lies we're being told and what we, and our children, are being served to eat. I believe that my research and experiences can help to make a difference for you and your family.

I would guess that you already know the basics of healthy eating – sugar is bad, vegetables are good! Unfortunately, from that point on, things get a bit more complicated. After all, what parent would imagine that the best-selling infant formulas are often made of mostly sugar? Some even contain products processed with hexane, a component in gasoline! Yes, really. What household cook could even comprehend that the chicken nugget served to their children may contain near 40 ingredients, including butane, a form of lighter fluid? This is just a small taste of what I have uncovered since my research began.

At best I believe that nutrition has been overlooked and lacking in the food we’ve eaten for far too long. At worst I believe we’ve been downright lied to about the kinds of harmful substances hiding in our food, even those that claim to be good, healthy eating for you and your family. People are finally beginning to see the long term effects of modern America, a place where many people choke down more servings of prescription drugs in a day than they do servings of fruits and vegetables. In a place where a high percentage of meals come from a window or box it shouldn’t be surprising to see all the sickness around us. Despite the obvious truth of how damaging this lifestyle can be, many people aren’t sure where to start in changing the way they have always done things. This is where I come in.

Let’s be honest, a life filled with veggies might be the perfect prescription for health and nutrition but it’s not much to get excited about. Some days we don’t have time to cook up a meal worthy of blogging about. Some nights I want something sweeter than an almond butter and banana smoothie. While my home is free of many things filling the pantries of the average American, like most of you, I rarely have time to slave over a hot stove for hours each day. I won’t pretend to be some all-things-healthy authoritarian, some diet-dictating drill instructor that lives to guilt you into healthy eating. My goal in this blog is not to horrify you with the sometimes frightening facts about our food supply.  My goal is to help you navigate, one step at a time, through the truth of what is really in your food.

Whether you are the person who gags at the thought of fast food or the person who nearly faints at the thought of giving up your diet soda, I truly believe you will benefit from my food blog. Transitioning to a lifestyle of healthy eating does not have to be stressful and overwhelming. I look forward to sharing simple steps you can take and facts you need to know in order to assure you and your family the healthiest future possible. By changing my eating habits I have learned just how big of an impact particular foods have on my health, pain levels, energy levels and so forth. I hope that by sharing personal stories, rarely heard information about your food, healthy recipes and transitioning tips, that this blog will enable you to take control of your health and improve your quality of life! I hope you'll be one of the many to share about the changes you have made and the difference it is making in your life!

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Here’s to not stressing about the things that we cannot control but taking control of those that we can. This simple decision, coupled with the increased knowledge and easy tips on healthy eating you will find on this food blog, can and will make all the difference.